On my journey to what I’ve become, what I’ve achieved and felt, I faced many challenges and problems that I had to get over.​

The most difficult things that I had to get over were:

1 The fact that there were many moments when I did not know how I am supposed to make the best decisions. I felt like I had control over nothing, like everything was a game of destiny and the circumstances in which I was born, I grew and lived. I was feeling like running in a wheel for squirrels. No matter how hard I tried. I was always feeling tired, unhappy and frustrated with everything: my life, my business and relationships (including the ones with my wife or with my family).
I would have loved to have (as I do now), the certainty that I make the best decisions, I’m heading in the right direction and the fact that what I am doing will lead me to a luxurious life, to a prosper business and high-quality life.

2 The fact that I felt like I was in continuous monotony and routine. I didn’t have enough diversity and adventure in my life.
Thinking about it now, it was pretty hard to not feel like that, as i was spinning in that wheel for squirrels that I told you about before. Even though my business was challenging enough and there was always something new around me, I felt the absence of those two important things: adventure and diversity.

3 The feeling of not being loved and appreciated as I am, for what I am, and not my belongings. I consumed a lot of time and energy to fill that void in my heart. I was always spinning in wheel like a squirrel: the more I tried to attract love and appreciation, the unhappier and unfulfilled I felt. In time, I understood the meaning of the words: “many people live in desperate silence”, and also what it means to feel so lonely even though you are surrounded by people. I know how it feels like to achieve success, but feel deeply lonely when you have everything you could ever imagine.

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It gives you flow! I gained confidence. It was like in therapy. I know now that with confidence, I can achieve more in life.

The book has a captivating way of exposure. What was even more interesting was the fact that I realized I have to change many things in myself and my life

The book is as good as a therapist. It changes the way you see your life, or at least it makes you think about problems you would not think otherwise. It gives you a correct mindset and positive psychology

The author is a master in presenting a difficult subject and it does it in a subtle manner and full of optimism. He helps you understand how useful is purpose driven life

A concise, clear and easy to understand book. The information has a high applicability. A useful manual for anyone who is into selfcare

Real life situations, life lessons from actual practical experience and easy to understand an apply for anyone of us. An objective book about self-development and self-esteem


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In time life challenged me. There were several times when it crushed me to the ground, just so that I can discover myself. Therefore, I could use my emotions, my fear, my doubts and pain to overrun my problems and find solutions to them. It is important to be aware of them, as this way, you’ll be able to get up, move on when you make a mistake and be successful even though it looks like you can’t. Knowing you better will help you build up a new world around you, a great world. You will be able to overrun even the moments when you feel so guilty, you can’t get out of your bed.

Life gave me the chance to discover my mind, my thoughts and beliefs and showed me what I can do and cannot, in order to achieve life success. I did not achieve that only from personal experience. I had the chance to meet hundreds and even thousands of people of all kinds: from rich to poor. Therefore, I was able to observe the way our thoughts and actions affect our success or our drawbacks.

On my journey, I experimented all kinds of feelings: from fear, doubt, low self-esteem to self-love, joy and fulfillment. There were many times when I was critiqued and underrated, despite my efforts. In spite of all that, I managed to get over these negative feelings. I managed to enjoy safety financially and experimented accomplishment and self-love. What is more, I noticed how the positive feelings are contagious and how the people around me start feeling them as well. I came to the conclusion that all the feelings (both negative and positive), affect not only the personal life, but also the one at the office.

All my experiences led me to who I am today. Now, I can easily find out the changes that one has to make in his life or company. This thing takes a lot of time. It comes with tests and failures, worries and a lot of dedication, but they come easily when you work with someone with a unique point of view, a perspective that I formed through years.

All my experiences were a part of the process of developing myself and my ability to see things different. With this perspective, I managed to find out unique solutions for almost every challenge in a company or in private life. Slowly, I started drawing the map of success and build an algorithm for overrunning obstacles and achieving goals, passing to a next level in my business and my personal life.

Now, I choose to help and take care of the people or businesses that want answers. I chose to help them in finding them so that they exceed any problem and achieve their goals. Draw the map of success by their own.

Using the most advanced discoveries in psychology but also my vast personal experience in how the human mind works, I will show you how the key to success has always been inside you. You only have to believe in yourself and your own unique perspective

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