He’s a leader. I’d love to work with such a person

Concise and lucid in his explanation

Professional and experienced with real-life situations that he used as examples

He impressed me in the most beautiful way – very well prepared. He showed the fact that he has professional experience, especially when answering questions. He was spontaneous.

Practical and actual arguments. Pertinent and theoretical answers. He expressed his point of view while adapting to the situation

Just as good as a therapy session. He changes your point of view, or at least makes you wonder of things you wouldn’t even think about

Pleasant presence, great performance, professionally prepared and captivating way of expressing his point of view

I loved that he helped me figure out why I didn’t achieve life success until now

Extremely concise and know how to get over critical points in discussions.

I found out what the power of goal settings truly is. I discovered an extremely interesting thing: you either choose consciously your own goal settings, or others will do it for you. He helped me understand how I can make my husband communicate more and talk more about the things I want in my life. He helped me understand the fact that even though I thought my husband didn’t have an established purpose consciously, he unconsciously is defending it when fighting with me

About Cristian Fertea: he didn’t give up and he did it! About Cristian Fertea, the trainer: I can see that he loves what he’s doing. Always prepared and open-minded.

Great experience as a speaker


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